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STUDIO CORRADI is a full service civil engineering consulting firm. The firm, which was founded in 1963 by Luigi Corradi, brings specialized experience in the design of new development and new infrastructure projects, especially STEEL STRUCTURES. In its 40 years of service, STUDIO CORRADI has grown to a full time staff of more than 10 professionals. Staff members include civil engineers (PhD), computer specialists, systems engineers, public and community relations specialists, and technicians.

, now managed by Sandro Corradi, has planned and designed a number of highly successful projects, from turn-key large industrial plants to a number of sporting facilities, mainly football stadiums, all over the world.

STUDIO CORRADI assists small and medium enterprises in research & development of new products and processes.

In June 2011 STUDIO CORRADI  - together with a company named AEOLIA - has started the production of high efficiency mini wind turbines developed for low environmental impact. The turbine has a 8 m diameter and 16 kW rated power at 11 m/s.

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